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Lubna Mousa

I first discovered my artist self at a very young age in Baghdad, Iraq. Since then, I have moved to many places and met  many faces to which I attribute my work inspiration. My paintings are reflections of a personal journey that strives  to showcase my path that led me to where I am today. Colors fascinate me, they always have. Rather than  submitting to my architectural engineering background, I gravitate more towards abstract shapes to capture non material intangible ideas and thoughts.  

Prior to relocating to Ottawa, I completed an Encaustic Art Course at the Toronto School of Art, a Power Print  Making Course at Open Studio, a Creative Entrepreneurship program at Artscape Daniel’s Launch-pad Toronto  and a Social Entrepreneurial Leaders Enabling Climate Transitions (SELECT) Program by School of Social  Entrepreneurs.  

Before Toronto, I was living in the Middle East, primarily in Baghdad before moving to Amman, Jordan for a few  years. Symbols from my middle eastern background often make an appearance in my work; resurfacing here and  there in various forms and colors.  

My work has been exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions in many cities including Toronto, Osaka, Paris,  Baghdad, Amman and London

Lubna Mousa
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