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Camila Reimers

Camila Reimers was born in Chile and has lived in Canada since 1980. She is a multidisciplinary artist presently engaged in textile arts, storytelling, fiction writing, and online teaching. 

Camila is the author of five novels and numerous short stories in English and Spanish that have been published in Canada, Europe, and Latin America. She has also written eight books for children in Spanish that have been translated into English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese. The children's book When the Condor Meets the Eagle, based on a native legend from South and North America, became the first Augmented Reality book published in Chile.

For seven years she offered a children’s program on CHIN radio and for that received the CEMA (Canadian Ethnic Media Association) Award for the best ethnic children's radio program offered in Canada. 

Camila has received many awards; among them, she has received eight times “The International Latino Book Award” in the United States. She has also been a finalist in the Latino books into Movies Award, for the novel Three Lotuses in a Sea of Fire. In addition, the story for children “Chloe’s Tulips” was selected to participate in The Best of all Worlds, a publication of children's stories that promote multiculturalism and was sponsored by UNESCO. 

Co-creator of AGE (Guided Autobiography in Spanish) graduated from the Birren Institute in California, offers online courses to help people tell their life stories.

Camila Reimers
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