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Art+ Artist Open Call

The ART+ Series is a program that will include three showcases and capacity-building workshops in three different venues: Club Saw (Arts Court), Parkdale Park Stage and Shenkman Art Centre. We will showcase and celebrate equity, diversity, inclusion and pluralism (EDIP) in the arts, including local artists from all Western and non-Western art disciplines. It would be an opportunity to create cultural exchanges between artists belonging to equity-seeking groups (ESG) and the local community, including but not limited to Indigenous, Black, people of colour, immigrant, refugee, disabled, 2SLGBTQI+ and women+ artists. In addition, each showcase will have a capacity-building component to continue building sustainable artistic practices for artists belonging to equity-seeking groups.

Criteria of eligibility

  • Artist living in Canada (please note that travel expenses and per-diem are the artist's responsibility)

  • Although all artists are welcome to apply, please note that we will give priority to artists belonging to Equity Seeking Groups. 

  • Professional artists

Criteria of assessment

  • Artistic Merit (at MAC-CAM we equally value diverse cultural expression. Our assessment criteria use decolonial frameworks to deconstruct the western aesthetic ideology)

  • We will balance discipline representation

  • We will balance geographic representation

  • We will balance Equity Seeking Groups' representation